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Certified Texas Contract Manager Salary

If you are considering becoming a certified Texas contract manager, you may be wondering about the potential salary you can earn in this field. Contract management is an essential function in any organization that involves managing contracts with external vendors, suppliers, and clients. A certified Texas contract manager is an expert in legal and financial aspects of contract management and ensures that the organization follows all legal guidelines and fulfills contractual obligations.

According to data from, the median salary for a certified contract manager in Texas is $124,449 per year, with a range of $105,477 to $143,152. However, this varies depending on several factors such as years of experience, skills, education, industry, and location.

Experience plays a significant role in determining a certified Texas contract manager`s salary. Generally, entry-level contract managers with less than five years of experience can earn an average of $68,000 annually. With more experience, such as ten years or more, a certified contract manager`s salary can increase to an average of $120,000 annually.

There are also industry-specific factors that may affect a certified contract manager`s salary. For example, the oil and gas industry in Texas is known to pay its contract managers the highest salaries. Healthcare and technology are also emerging sectors that require certified contract managers and offer competitive salaries.

Education and certification are essential factors that determine a certified contract manager`s salary. A bachelor`s degree in business, finance, or related fields is usually a minimum requirement. However, a master`s degree in the same fields is highly favored and can lead to higher salaries. Certification, such as the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), is also often required and can lead to increased job opportunities and salaries.

Location is another significant factor that affects a certified Texas contract manager`s salary. The cost of living in different cities and regions of Texas varies widely, and so do salaries. For example, contract managers working in the major cities of Dallas, Houston, and Austin can generally earn higher salaries than those working in more rural areas.

In conclusion, certified Texas contract managers can earn a very competitive salary if they have the right qualifications and experience. With a growing demand for contract management professionals in various industries, this career path is an excellent opportunity for those interested in legal and financial aspects of contract management.